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Rice Junky

Rice Junky is a type of Fusion Korean Food where traditional Korean food becomes more modernized and Americanized delicate dish. 



Rice Junky uses a limited quantity of ingredients every day under strict quality control. freshly made lettuce and home-made meat loaf are our signature dishes


Wrap is a combination of meat, vegetables, and sauce on a flat bread. There are variety kinds of Wrap such as Afghani hamburger, burrito, gyro, kati roll, and sandwich. Tex-Mex burrito's generalized packaging has gained popularity in California since the 1990s. Now it became one of the best food that is very familiar to all of us and easy to take during busy days. Plus Ricejunky Wrap always contain Melted cheeses, so you can enjoy a soft texture and flavor of food.



It is a type of food that has various ingredients in one place. In Korea, well known example of Bowl is Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a bowl with mixed various vegetables and meat with sauce. Bowl also has an advantage of being as easy to eat as a wrap. The difference between mixing all ingredients and eating each ingredient separately is really different, so we really recommend you experience our bowls:).


"Galbi" is the Korean word for "rib"

We cook with fresh Beef Short Rib and homemade sauce.  The crunchy vegetables, tomatoes, macaroni and Galbi blend in well, and they are covered with a rich, soft texture of the lightly burnt tortilla which will make your day!



We serve Galbi with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, macaroni melted cheddar cheese and rice in a bowl.  

If you are the one who is not very familiar with Korean bibimbap, which mixes all of ingredients in a bowl with sauce then you might enjoy each ingredient separately, but we strongly recommend you to try it in bibimbap style. 


Dope Pork Wrap

Pork Wrap serves sweet, chili sauce based grilled chiseled pork belly with fresh vegetables. It's a healthy meal that combines fried rice, fresh vegetables, tomatoes, macaroni and melted Cheddar cheese in lightly burnt Tortilla. We happily recommend you to try our unique Pork Wrap!

Dope Pork Bowl

Our special Pork bowl serves RJ’s signature sweet,chili sauce based chiseled pork belly with fresh vegetables!. Fresh vegetables, such as Tomato, Jalapeño, salary, cabbage, lettuce, Macaroni salad and melted cheddar    cheese make the best harmony with our chili sauce based pork. Especially when you try them in Bibimbap style which is a Korean way that mixes all the ingredients and eat together. I wish you to try to experience our pork bowl in BIbimbob style!! thank you!!

Cocaine Chicken Wrap


Stir-fry crispy on the outside and soft-fried popcorn chicken on the inside in RJ’s special sweet-sour chili sauce and put it in the wrap together with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, macaroni, and melted cheddar cheese and it is one of our menu items that we would like to recommend to Mania, who especially enjoys the spicy taste of the food!.


Cocaine Chicken Bowl 


Stir-fry crispy on the outside and soft-fried popcorn chicken on the inside in RJ’s special sweet-sour chili sauce and put all together in a bowl along with fresh vegetables, tomatoes, macaroni and melted cheddar cheese. This is another RJ menu I would like to recommend to a mania who enjoys the spicy taste

Veggie pot sticker


Frying assorted vegetables in fresh oil, it boasts a crispy and chewy texture. This is RG’s fried pot sticker , which shows that vegetables alone can offer a deep taste without adding any meat or seafood.


Sauce will be provided 1 ounce in a warp or center of the inside box, On the side is also available at 1 ounce 


Extra sauce will be charged .50 cents per ounce 


our sauces are containing some mayo and sesame seed 



Soy sauce base sweet and garlic flavor (Recommend with pot sticker!)



Butter and onion with chili powder mild level spicy. Tasty spicy sauce that goes well with (Crab hunter)



Smokey flavor BBQ sauce mild level spicy.(goes perfect with crunch cutlet!)



Sweet and sour sesame sauce with basic mayonnaise

(Good with salad chicken and pork) 

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